Bath Boules 2019

June 14 – 16 saw the latest running of Bath Boules, a long weekend of boules tournaments, music, street food and merriment held in Queens Square, Bath. All in the name of raising money for charity.

I have been attending irregularly for the last few years to take photographs, usually making one or two days over the weekend. This year, as I had holiday booked from work, I decided to try and make all three days. I’m glad to say I managed it, even if the weather did have a good go at damping the spirits.

All the photos from the weekend can be found on Flickr:

On Sunday I was asked if I would like to play a couple of games to fill in for missing players, an opportunity I jumped at. It’s been well over 20 years since I last played, so I’m decidedly rusty, but even so I managed to help my team to one victory. Made me want to find my boules and somewhere to play regularly again.

A massive “well done” to the team behind Bath Boules for another brilliant 3 days in Queen Square, can’t wait until next year. You never know, I might have managed to find a team to play for properly by then.

All of my photos from the Bath Boules I’ve photographed can be found here.

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