Raspberry Pi for Teachers

So here, finally are my slides from the presentation I gave at The University of Brighton on behalf of STEM Sussex on January, 15.

A PDF of the slides for my talk can be downloaded here.

I suspect that I should include a brief explanation of the second slide: Should you get Raspberry Pis for your classrooms?

I can imagine that my answer of “No” will raise a few eyebrows. It was given in the context that right now, teachers have enough on their plates preparing for the new computing curriculum coming in in September 2014, without complicating things by adding in a whole lot of new hardware, which lets be honest, isn’t needed to teach the curriculum. By all means get a Raspberry Pi for a specific project or for after school clubs, but for now, concentrate on how to deliver the new curriculum using your existing kit and look at how to add the Pi in 2015. It also gives teachers another year to work on making their network managers and IT support people see sense.

For those that don’t want to download the slides, here are links to all the resources I mentioned: