Teachmeet Brighton September

Today I went to Teachmeet Brighton held at City College Brighton to give a presentaion about the Raspberry Pi showcasing some of the cool things people have done with the Pi and hopefully providing some inspiration for teachers of the kinds of things they could try in their classrooms. Hopefully I succeeded a little in my aim.

The slide deck from my pesentation can be found on Slideshare. There was an embedded video which can be found on YouTube.

I will be giving the same presentation again in a couple of weeks at Teachmeet Sussex though I may well mix things up a little as a lot of the same teachers may be in attendance and I dont want to bore them.

Links from the presentation

  • Raspberry Pi Foundation – the best place to start and where you can get you very own Babbage Bear.
  • Dave Akerman – Pis in Space and so much more.
  • Sonic Pi – Making Computer Science Audible.
  • AirPi – The Raspberry Pi Powered Weather Station.
  • Met Office Data Point – The Met Office’s Weather Observation open data platform.
  • Stuff About Code – Minecraft, Python and a whole heap of (good) craziness.
  • Code Club – A nationwide volunteer led network of after school programming clubs for 9-11 year olds.
  • Code Club Github Repository – Plain text and translated versions of Code Club’s lesson plans.
  • CoderDojo Brighton – Saturday morning coding club just starting up in Brighton. Part of the international CoderDojo network.
  • Raspberry Jam – the global community of events for enthusiasts of the Raspberry Pi computer.
  • Pi Weekly – A free weekly newsletter for Raspberry Pi news and projects – out every Friday.